Niles' Florida: The Second War Intensifies

Volume 4

Apalachicola is rapidly growing as a port of export for commerce, particularly cotton.  The town of St. Joseph is in direct competition as a new attraction for Americans immigrating from the northern states of America.  The United States Supreme Court’s approval of the Forbes Purchase plays a role in the course of the American migration into the Florida Panhandle.  Yet, the forces of nature ultimately play an even larger role.


Meanwhile, the Florida Indians and their Allies are going on the offensive to stop the United States’ effort to push the Seminoles out of Florida.  The entire Florida peninsula soon becomes a dangerous place for white immigrants everywhere.  The war with the Seminoles turns extremely ferocious in the central area of Florida.  The notoriety of Osceola and the savage reputation of Africans and Indians create an atmosphere of fear throughout Florida.


The best military leaders that America has to offer are sent into the area of battle.  Even the very best strategists struggle against the Seminoles, who know the terrain and move about effortlessly in small bands.  Only by acting against the recognized laws of land warfare does the American military create opportunities to turn the tide against the Seminoles.