Niles' Florida: The First War

Volume 1

“Niles’ Florida: The First War” provides comprehensive, first-hand, coverage of the first Seminole War.  Based largely on news articles and letters from individuals, who were on the ground in Spanish Florida, the chronology of the events takes on an air of intrigue.   Preparatory to the eventual invasion at New Orleans, British naval and marine forces infiltrate Spanish Florida, recruiting Indians and Africans.


The Indian massacre of men, women, and children at Fort Mims brings the wrath of American military forces, eventually ending at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend.  The Indians, who escape, make their way across the frontier into Spanish Florida.  Peace never prevails as Indian and African hostilities continue to occur, particularly along the rivers that flow from the American territories to the Gulf of Mexico.


The combined forces of renegade Creek Indians, Seminole Indians, and Africans, all living in Spanish Florida, continue to pose a threat to the Americans.  Andrew Jackson is eventually called back into the action to quell the disturbances in Spanish Florida.   At the close of military action, the United States military forces have destroyed the Indian villages across the panhandle of Spanish Florida and chased the Indians and their allies across the Suwanee River before calling an end to the action.  Jackson, then, moves on Pensacola, and literally removes the Spanish authorities to Cuba.